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Kaylan: an integral part of the modern aerospace industry.

In today’s modern aerospace industry there is no margin for error. Only the finest, most reliable products are used in the production of parts assembled into the latest aircraft. Naturally Kaylan®, with its impressive list of qualities, makes for an obvious choice for sheet metal forming and many other applications within the industry.

Kaylan is used to protect aerospace components from accidental damage during the assembly of the wings and other structures, particularly in the new carbon  fibre construction of many modern aircraft. These items include spar and manhole protection, anti-fatigue/memory foam mats, rib and stringer protection, and ribbay mats. All are produced not only to protect the assemblies but also to enable fitters to work in a more comfortable environment.

Those organisations using specially-formulated Kaylan within their manufacturing facility achieve superior tolerance control during the production of vital aircraft components. However, by not just getting it right, but getting it right first time, Kaylan has been able to eliminate 90% of the manual re-work that has historically been required, thus demonstrating substantial time and cost benefits.


Kaylan premium grade Polyurethane sheeting is the ideal material for throw pad and slave sheet applications for a range of specialist press types used in the aerospace industry. These include, Fluid cell, Fluidform and Hydroform and Rubber Pad. And it's not hard to see why when you consider this list of impressive benefits:

  • Increased diaphragm & rubber block life
  • Improved forming characteristics
  • Enhanced detail definition

Rubber-Die and Fluid Cell Presses

Companies wishing to produce relatively small quantities of intricately formed sheet metal parts can consider the use of either Rubber-Die or Fluid Cell Presses. Both methods offer important advantages, however, the use of Polyurethane sheeting as "Throw Pads" or " Slave Sheets" to protect the rubber die pad or the fluid cell diaphragm is essential.

Shore D hardnesses

Kaylan premium grade Polyurethane is available in a range of shore D hardnesses, colour-coded for easy identification. These range from D30 (green) a soft grade ideal for drawing material into narrow draw wells right up to a much harder grade optimised for enhanced detail definition such as joggles and shrink flanges. What's more, Kaylan is available in various forms, including sheeting, pads and discs, with thicknesses ranging from 3 mm up to 200 mm.


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