Strong and durable alternative material

It’s no surprise that Kaylan has become increasingly popular as an alternative material in a wide range of manufacturing applications.  Strong, durable, and resistant to all kinds of impacts and abrasions, Kaylan possesses all the benefits associated with traditional ‘tough’ materials.

What you can expect

Colour co-ordination

Kaylan formulated plastics can be supplied in any colour as well as any shape or form. Which means parts made from Kaylan can complement the existing design or match your company colours. A brand name or logo can even be incorporated.

Range of sizes

Kaylan mouldings are available in sizes up to 10 metres in length, up to 2 metres in diameter and from just a couple of grams in weight to in excess of 2000kg.

1-1million Runs

Thanks to our flexible production techniques we can make any number of parts from a single one-off to over one million pieces per annum.

Bespoke Hardness

Kaylan is available in a range of hardnesses, from 30° Shore A to over 80° Shore D. Which means it can be softer than a car tyre or harder than a golf ball.

Highly Durable

In applications where severe wear and tear is a problem, Kaylan offers outstanding durability compared to conventional plastics or even hardened metals.


Unlike some metals, Kaylan can be exposed to the harshest weather conditions without any danger of corrosion.

Specialist Grades

Kaylan is also available in several specialist grades such as high temperature and FDA approved. High temperature formulas can run up to 150°C in a wide range of demanding applications

Bespoke moulded form

in addition to standard sheet, rod and block, Kaylan is also available in bespoke moulded form, which means that customers can have spare parts replaced with minimal disruption. There’s no need for on-site drilling of holes or alteration of size since all necessary slots and fittings are already moulded into the finished part.

Bespoke Friction

Kaylan can be manufactured in a range of coefficient of friction (COF) formulations for a variety of different applications. High COFs for feed rollers, tyres and drive rollers, or low COFs suitable for bearings, wear strips and bushes.

High Flex Strength

Kaylan possesses significantly better impact resistance than most other plastics and also resists cracking under repeated flexing.

Rebound Properties

Kaylan is extremely resilient with formulations available offering rebound values of 10-30%, ideal for use as shock absorbers; and 50-75% for high-frequency vibrations or where fast recovery is needed.

High Load Bearing

Kaylan’s compression properties exceed conventional elastomers of equal hardness. In addition to tension and compression, it has a greater load-bearing capacity as well as extremely high load-bearing properties in shear.

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