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The outstanding physical properties offered by Kaylan® elastomers make it the ideal material for use in the rugged world of municipal and highway.

Incredibly tough and resilient throughout its hardness range, more and more vehicle and equipment manufacturers are coming to realise that Kaylan adds quality to their products as well as years to the life of their equipment.

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Thanks to its outstanding resistance to high impact and abrasion, Kaylan is increasingly used in the manufacture of tyres, wear strips, scrapers and bearing covers to name just a few examples. Also, because Kaylan mouldings can be produced in just about any colour, and incorporate individual logos, large OEMs and municipal fleet organisations are finding that their corporate image is not only being maintained but can even be enhanced.

This may seem like a small benefit, yet it is just one more element in the ‘Kaylan mix’ that can help your company stand out from the crowd – often making the difference between success and failure in today’s marketplace. The same is true for the municipal spares market, where parts for cleansing, refuse, sweeping and snow clearance vehicles are supplied in a variety of tough Kaylan grades.

PU Product applications

Detailed below are just a few of the product areas where Kaylan is currently enhancing the performance of equipment in both the municipal and highway industries. As always, if you have an application in mind that isn’t listed below, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We’re always looking to break new ground with innovative products, even if they’re just one-offs.

  • Road Roller Scraper Blades
  • Brush Holders
  • Wear Guides
  • Suspension Buffers
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Mudflaps
  • Snow Plough Blades
  • Nozzle Rubbers
  • Suction slides
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Protective Skirts

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