KAYLAN Polyurethane has excellent dynamic, load bearing and wear properties which lend themselves to being the ideal material for Hose Reels and Wire Pulley Wheels

KAYLAN Hose Reels have excellent energy absorbing characteristics and wear properties yet will not wear the hydraulic hoses, thus increasing their service life. They are strong, yet light (7 times lighter than steel) can be self-lubricating if required or we can mould in greasing points and bearings as required . KAYLAN Polyurethane hose reels are extremely durable and do not suffer from corrosion problems normally associated with steel reels, they have an excellent resistance to hydrolysis and a working temperature range of -40 deg C to +80 Deg C making them suitable for applications in all parts of the globe

KAYLAN Wire Pulley Wheels are hard wearing, lightweight and have excellent load bearing characteristics yet are extremely kind on the wire rope and will not wear it out like a traditional steel wheel. Applications include Crane Sheave Wheels, Drilling Boom Wire Pulley Wheels, Elevator Rope Pulleys etc

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