Our Experience in the Motorsport Industry

We have been manufacturing high-performance abrasion resistant materials that are tough enough to withstand all manner of impacts from Siberian mines, the North Sea and the Saharan Desert.

  • Strong, durable and abrasion resistant materials.
  • MSA & WRC/FIA Compliant
  • Trusted by the World’s best rally teams.
  • Ultimate engineering for the extremest of environments.


The unique characteristics of KAYLAN, such as its strength, flexibility and high resistance to abrasion, soon attracted the attention of motorsport teams in search of high-grade, quality materials that perform in the extreme.  Our first work for the motorsport industry came about in the early 1980s when we were asked to mould and manufacture parts such as skirts to increase ground effect for Formula 1 cars for teams such as Williams and Lotus in the fast and furious days before this was tightly regulated.

From there KAYLAN started to be used in a whole manner of applications such as mudflaps, front splitters and underbody protection as can be seen on the painting on the Metro 6R4, pictured here.  We quickly developed parts with for the supercars of the 80s such as the Lancia Delta, Audi Quattro and the legendary Ford RS200.

But we do not sit on our winning laurels and continue to innovate and supply some of the world’s best rally teams.

What you can expect

World Class Performance

The world’s top rally teams choose KAYLAN Rally Mud flaps and rally underbody sheeting. Join the likes of Ford, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi and SEAT.

Resitant to impact & abrasion

Our special elastomers are purpose-built to withstand repeated flexing , extreme abrasion and just about anything the forest or gravel track might throw at it


KAYLAN’s Rally Mudflaps meet the exacting high standards set by FIA and MSA for world class competition


All KAYLAN mudflaps are tested in-house and we are ISO 9001 certified


Decades of engineering backup and guaranteed quality and service.


We back the winners in the motorsport world to achieve their goals. Don’t take second best, buy from TEAM KAYLAN

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