Working through the pandemic


Since the Government asked those who could to work from home and later announced restrictions to travel throughout the British Isles, we at Kay-Dee Engineering have been taking the time to make necessary changes to our day-to-day business operations.

The safeguarding of staff is paramount.

As it has been for all of us who remain operational during this pandemic, ensuring our employees are able to work comfortably and safely has been our primary concern. As recommended we have introduced social distancing measures for all staff throughout the workplace, and also actively encouraged those who can to take advantage of flexible working options, introduced staggered working times (including breaks) to ensure staff numbers are at a minimum during peak times, and actively enforced a strict ‘No Visitor’ policy (unless where absolutely necessary).

Planning a visit to Jubilee Court.

We’re only accepting visitors who are required to be here, such as maintenance engineers and delivery drivers. But even then, we have put in place requirements to help keep them, and ourselves, safe. For example: adhering to social distancing and retiring to a safe distance when you’ve made people aware of your presence on site.

Business as usual.

As it stands, we have a healthy order book and are still receiving more orders, and enquiries, from our customers throughout the world as the days go by. So, for this reason, we are not planning on reducing, or ceasing, production any time soon. We are, where required, asking some of our customers who frequently place orders if we’re able to consolidate certain shipments to help reduce the amount of footfall through our businesses.

Looking forward.

Due to our extensive machining/manufacturing capabilities, we have taken the opportunity to register with the Government scheme to help make ventilators for the NHS. We are standing by, ready to provide any assistance we can, and would like to encourage any other businesses, who can help, to do the same and register here:

On a personal note.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our staff, customers, friends, and all their families the absolute best during this very trying and worrying time. Below are some links to websites which can offer help and advice for those who aren’t sure where to turn.

Mental Health:



Physical Health:



Ready to see how we can help