Happy Birthday to us!

Most people welcome their milestone birthdays; some bury their head in the sand and ignore them; and a few folks, like us at Kay-Dee Engineering, just forget about them altogether!

Yes, nearly a whole year had passed before we realised it, but we turned 40 back in January!

We have been on an amazing journey throughout that time. A journey that we hope to carry on with for many more years to come, and one we can continue to share with our customers (and friends)

We’re not the only ones celebrating their 40th year. We share our birthday with Vauxhalls iconic Astra (or the Opel Kadett D to you purists), Sony’s portable cassette player, the Walkman, and everyone’s favourite childhood soft drink; Rola Cola!

We would like to take this opportunity to give our thanks to our valued customers and to, those unsung heroes, the staff of Kay-Dee Engineering! As cliché as it sounds, we could not have achieved any of this, and would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for their efforts and dedication, and our customer’s loyalty.

Thank you to all!

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