Jubilee Court Extension

Back in 1987 we moved to our current location here at Jubilee Court, Shipley. Then, in 2009, after a lot of hard work, we developed it into the 30k sq.ft site that people are most familiar with today. Fast-forward ten years and we’re now extending to give us an additional 6k sq.ft of operating space.

The decision to extend was an easy one: we needed the space. Whilst we’ve had some really great year-on-year growth we’d quickly realised that we had to ‘grow’ to accommodate further expansion in the future.

This additional space will house our state-of-the-art machine shop, where we produce all our own tooling, and give us the room required in our main building to increase production capacity.

For us it means achieving those KPI’s we all love so much and making progress toward reaching strategic goals and overall equipment effectiveness. For our customers it means we’re able to increase our capabilities, reduce lead times, and offer an improved service.

We’ll be sure to document the building’s development in some additional blogs over the coming weeks & months, so keep your eyes open for those! If, in the meantime, you want to discuss any requirements you may have then please get in touch with us

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